DriverFinder Review

DriverFinder Review

DriverFinder is a good option for those who want to update system drivers. Although the driver updates software scans computers and downloads updates automatically, the process of installing and opening updates can be a daunting task to novice computer users as it is done manually.

Still, the driver software has some essential features that try to balance out this drawback. During our testing, the software was able to identify more drivers than other options on our lineup. However, it was not able to catch all of them. Despite this, the results give you a rough idea of how out of date your drivers are.

You can also check basic details about the driver’s sources even though it does not show you advanced details which experienced users prefer. Another option is to backup your drivers. This option is good for those who have a crash or faulty update.

DriverFinder Features

Unlike other driver updaters out there, DriverFinder requires that you install driver updates manually. Even though this may not be a problem for intermediate and advanced computer users, it is a big problem to those who are not as experienced.

If you are unsure of where your files are downloaded to, or what kinds of files to look for and open, you may find that you will be stranded with any program that does not install your updates automatically. However, the software usually sources its updates from compatible original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which make things simpler. Apart from the manual updates, DriverFinder does not also have any scheduling action.

Driver Scanning & Detection

Instead of scanning your computer and notifying you when an update is available, DriverFinder will force you to remember to do it by yourself. The software is also not as intuitive as other available options. Only a few functions have buttons that are large and clearly labeled but it can be difficult finding some of the advanced options. On the plus side, the software has an uninstall and exclusion option. This option enables you to have control over what is to be updated or deleted.

A good thing about DriverFinder is that it has great customer service. However, the company does not offer as many direct contact options as others do. Even though you can contact its support team through email, we did not find any option that enables you to call them.

This means that it may take some time for the company to reply to any questions or comments. However, if you want to ask a simple question or you want to know more about the product, just visit the company’s website as the website has educational resources that can be helpful to you.

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Compared to other options we had in our lineup, DriverFinder was able to find more system drivers. It even has an exclusion options that gives you control over your drivers. Another advantage is that it enables you to restore and backup your drivers. It also utilizes updates that are properly sourced.

However, it does not provide sufficient version details and does not also have any uninstall or schedule options. It will also require you to install all updates manually which is time-consuming and challenging for computer users who are not that experienced.