Privacy Controls Review

ParetoLogic is a tech company that manufactures and launches a wide range of computer software every year for its users. It offers consumers with backup, recovery, anti-virus programs that will safeguard computer or laptop systems. One of the company’s antivirus software is ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

The company believes that deleting files and cookies will not completely remove them from your computer. With Privacy Controls, you security is a priority! Files and cookies are totally wiped out beyond recognition. They can never be traced from your computer, improving performance and speed. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls features multiple shredding options that even goes up to par with US Military standards! How awesome is that?

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls can remove every possible computer threat. From those can be found in Internet Explorer and P2P applications like Limewire, Bittorrent Clients, uTorrent, Azureus, and Kazaa. The software can also remove leftover traces of instant messaging apps such as Skype, Messenger, Gmail and a lot more!

To better understand how ParetoLogic Privacy Controls works, see the features list below.

Privacy Controls Features

  • Helps protect your privacy by wiping out data stored from daily internet surfing, including your browsing history, cookies, passwords and more.
  • Allows you to preview files before you delete them so you can be sure that you’re removing the intended file.
  • Has three levels of shred capabilities making ensuring optimal overwrite protection when you delete some data.
  • Allows you to automate system scans so you can maintain the privacy and security of your computer, even when you’re not around.
  • Setting up Privacy Controls is simple and easy.
  • Features a user-friendly interface that you can depend on to perform all the heavy lifting on your behalf.
  • Supports third party applications such as your desktop search software, installed toolbars and adobe applications.
  • Help and support services can answer queries 24/7.


  • Can effectively scan and cleanup your computer system.
  • Simple installation and easy to use.
  • Can support almost all web browsers.
  • Advanced shred features is one of this app’s strongest points.
  • Affordable and competitive pricing at $29.95.
  • Highly versatile as it can remove files from a lot of browsers, email services and instant messengers.
  • Robust and versatile.


  • Customer support is hard to reach.
  • Cannot wipe out data from removable media.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is one decent antivirus software. It ensures your security and privacy by keeping your computer systems always in check. If you try to compare the software to its competitors, Privacy Controls has almost everything to keep your computer always up and running. Aside from providing protection to your operation system and hardware, Privacy Controls also optimizes your computer to improve its overall speed and performance.

Further, the antivirus software is easy to use, easy to learn and has a user-friendly interface which is good for beginners and novice computer users. If you’re not very tech-savvy, you will love this program. It might lack some advanced features, but it has all the important ones you need. You can be sure that your computer is always protected and guarded.