Ransomware Defender Review

Ransomware Defender Review

ShieldApps has a solution for ransomware that no other company can match: Ransomware Defender. Ransomware Defender is unique in that it detects and blocks ransomware before any damage can result. It has the ability to blacklist and stop common and unique ransomware. Standing guard 24/7, Ransomware Defender is always ready to protect your computer with active protection algorithms and an enhanced user-friendly notifications and alerts system.

Ransomware Defender takes care of all threats through a fully automated, advanced Scan – Detect – Lock Down process that proactively defends against any detected threats, and it works hand-in-hand with every main anti-malware and antivirus product! Its features include automatic scan, secured file eliminator, lifetime support, and lifetime updates.

Ransomware Defender utilizes advanced detection systems to identify, catalog, and eliminate every known ransomware.

Continuous Protection: Once it’s activated, the software continuously monitors for any suspicious activity on your computer. Your system will be protected by 24/7 surveillance, notifying you anytime that ransomware is detected on your system.

Deep Scan: The algorithms that Ransomware Defender uses allows it to scan deep inside your system to identify and eliminate every potential threat.

Scheduled Maintenance: Ransomware Defender gives you the ability to maintain your PC at all times, while at the same time freeing you from the necessity of performing the cleanups yourself. You pick the time and date for your scheduled scan and clean, and relax while the software does the rest.

History Cleaner: Ransomware Defender is not only the best at protecting you from ransomware, it is also the best a protecting your privacy. It’ll clear your search and browsing history for you, to protect you from having your personal information stolen by prying eyes.

Secure File Eraser: Ransomware Defender is also your best option for eliminating files and folders from your computer. While Secure File Eraser is active, all data that is related to a file you are erasing will also be removed, leaving no traces behind.

Automated Updates: You won’t ever have to worry about missing an update since Ransomware Defender takes care of it all for you. Every new software version or definition is automatically downloaded and installed upon release.

Simple Installation: Installation is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse, and it won’t take more than a minute to complete.

User-friendly Interface: Ransomware Defender was designed from the ground up with the user in mind. You’ll have no difficulty finding your way around its user interface, or while taking advantage of its many features.

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