WiperSoft Review

If you’re looking for a security tool, WiperSoft is one of the best! WiperSoft has great features which can provide you with real-time security and keeps you away from potential threats. Many internet users download free software thinking that it can protect their devices, but what they do not know is it can pose more harm than good. You are also at risk of accidentally installing adware, a browser hijacker, or an unwanted program.

Adware is not that harmful, but it can affect browsing. They can also slow down or affect the speed of your browsing sessions. This is the reason why you need to have WiperSoft to protect you. To always keep your computer or laptop up and running, you have to install a reliable anti-spyware tool!

WiperSoft was launched in 2015, it’s a new tool but it is totally safe to use! Check out more of its features in this review!

Product Features

  • Features free Helpdesk services for ultimate support.
  • Has a free Custom Fix feature for specific threat removal.
  • Offers free scan.
  • 6 months subscription.
  • High detection ratio feature detects hijackers, adware, junk apps, toolbars and a lot more!
  • WiperSoft always updates its database so you don’t have to worry about the buildup of computer infections.
  • Ensures 100% removal of intruders from your computer.
  • Removes Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), Adware, and Browser Hijackers.


  • User-friendly and good for novice computer users.
  • Ensures your privacy.
  • Effective and highly intuitive.
  • Good for laptops and PC.
  • Has a display of all threats which you can review.
  • Gives you information on different threats and allows you to remove or preserve them.


  • Lacks customization options so you can set it up on your preference.
  • Scanning parameters cannot be altered.

If you’re not a techy person or you’re just a regular or computer user, WiperSoft may just be right for you. It isn’t fancy, but it has all the right features to protect your computer.